I am intrigued how memory transforms events into shadows and imbues otherwise quotidian objects with emotional significance. As such my work concentrates on lasting vestiges of memory, the impressions images and objects leave upon us.

Traditions of drawing and mark making are intrinsic to my practice as an enamel and metal artist. I gather images and detritus, assembling small installations and reference material. I think by making, building surfaces of colour, texture and marks primarily with vitreous enamels in a non-traditional manner.

Passages used botanical imagery and the seasons as metaphors for life cycles and to suggest the passage of time.  My current work Foundations investigates anchors within our lives, those that ground or restrict us. This series evolves from a relationship with place, an investigation into the complicated reality of living in the present with memories of the past. New materials including wood, acrylic and slip cast ceramics are integral components with the enameled surfaces as they draw strong connections to my present and past experiences of home and place.