Intelligent Making: a workshop with Lori Talcott

Posted on February 1, 2017

In November 2016 I was excited to take a master class with Lori Talcott at Pratt Fine Arts Centre in Seattle.  The class was called Intelligent Making, it focused on developing the skills artists need to align and articulate the many aspects of their studio practice.  We were fortunate to have Maria Phillips join us as a guest instructor. Lori and Maria made for an exceptional teaching team.  In the workshop we investigated research strategies to assist in identifying our interests and locate our work both in a cultural and historical context.  Through various modes of writing we worked to generate, develop and articulate ideas with a goal to bypass art speak and cliches and concentrate on the aspects that make the work personal and idiosyncratic.   A challenging but immensely enriching and supportive workshop.  I am consuming different essays and writings, looking at my work in a different context and asking myself many questions.  I am trying to carefully consider and refine my thinking, the language and images I am using…to achieve strong compelling and authentic work.  Thank you Lori, Maria and Pratt for this excellent class and thanks to Amelia Milner for these photographs.

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